Life in still.

Feb 19


Apple hit $500 a share today, an impressive milestone. How do they continue to stay hungry, stay foolish? 

Here’s my take in the latest Tech Tonic for Reuters TV.

What do you think Apple needs to do to keep up this momentum and what could possibly trip them up?

Sep 12

Swell Sculpture Festival Location: Currumbin Company: Celeste Humphry, Rupert Plumb, Dave Hope, Chris Frawley Weather: Perfect xx

Aug 19
Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Aug 17

Aug 16
These shoes stay on my feet.  (Taken with instagram)

These shoes stay on my feet. (Taken with instagram)

Aug 12


Think about how much we could do if everyone would just give a shit.

Aug 11


Location: Paris, France
Company: R Chatfield
When: Winter, January, 2010  


Aug 1

Let’s go green. 

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